Underground Mining Enclosures

Choose a trusted and reliable distributor for the enclosures you need for underground mining applications. These include:

  • pump starters
  • continuous miners
  • shuttle cars
  • haulage systems
  • scoops
  • roof bolters
  • long wall controls 

With over 40 years of experience, Elgin Power Solutions has achieved MSHA certifications for more than 85 explosion-proof (X/P) enclosures.

Cable Gland Entrances

Enclosures range in sizes from 122 to 130,000 cubic inches.  We supply cable gland entrances with grommets or rope-packing designs for cables ranging from 0.114" to 3.75" O.D. Various breaker operators, lenses, and switch operators are available as well.

Custom-Built Enclosures

With so many enclosures available, we will deliver a product to meet your requirements, or we can custom-build an XP enclosure to your specifications.  Elgin Power Solutions will provide you with the assistance you need, or manage all aspects of MSHA approvals and certifications.

Lighting and Cameras


Mining Controls manufactures a complete line of explosion-proof (X/P) headlights, area lighting, switches, alarms, and cameras to use in underground mining activities in hazardous areas.

Lighting / Cameras / Monitors



X/P Enclosures (Large & Small)

X/P Enclosures (Large & Small)

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