Capacitor banks are designed and built to improve performance and efficiency of electrical systems.  Elgin Power Solutions’ medium voltage, metal-enclosed capacitor banks not only provide added protection for your equipment, but are cost-effective, flexible, predictable, and easy to maintain.  Our capacitor banks are custom built to customer requirements and are shipped factory tested, assembled, and ready for interconnection.  Enclosures contain all switching, protection, safety features, and control.  When compared to an “open-rack” capacitor bank, metal-enclosed banks save money as they are easier and faster to install, commission, maintain, and they take up less space.


  • Fixed, single-step and multi-step capacitor banks.

  • Can be placed in an indoor or outdoor environment. 

  • Low voltage protection and control equipment is installed in a separate, easily accessible compartment.

  • Medium voltage incoming section and stages is in separate compartments for ease of access and maintenance.

  • Banks are programmed to provide site-specific power factor and voltage mitigation.

  • Banks come factory pre-assembled, tested and ready for fast installation and interconnection.

  • Enclosures made with whichever type/grade of steel or aluminum is specified.

  • Standard Powder Coat Finish on all enclosures.


  • Free up the power capacity of the facility.

  • Simpler engineering and installation than open-rack design.

  • Improve voltage profile and power factor.

  • Reduce apparent current and system losses.

  • Provide reactive energy required by inductive loads.

  • Avoid penalties due to poor power factor.

Elgin supports its customers with turnkey solutions, which include power studies, equipment design and manufacturing, field installation, and testing/commissioning, making Elgin Power Solutions a one-stop shop for capacitor bank needs.

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