Elgin Power Solutions’ metal-enclosed harmonic filter banks are designed for medium voltage power factor correction, voltage support, mitigation from harmonic distortion, and prevention from risks of resonance.  Elgin’s harmonic filter banks are configurable as fixed or automatic, with one or more stages at nominal voltages from 2.4 kV to 35 kV.  Available filter types include C-type, High-Pass, detuned, single-tuned, and multi-tuned.  Each unit is packaged in our high-quality enclosures that come with standard powder coat paint making them the most durable in the industry.

Basic Design and Operation Principle

The basic combination of capacitors and inductors forms a tank circuit, which provides a low impedance path for the targeted harmonic frequency.  The idea is to properly size the LC circuit with respect to its location in the system to achieve the same resonance frequency of the harmonic to be eliminated.  In other words, unwanted harmonics are diverted into the filter, preventing them to flow into the power source.  As a result, the harmonic current is dissipated as heat by the passive harmonic filter instead of being exported to the utility system and other end-users.  However, this heat dissipation should not be considered a loss due to the harmonic filters, as it already existed in the system in unusable frequencies.

Elgin ensures the ratings of capacitors and reactors to be used as a filter are properly selected based on the following technical parameters:

  • Harmonic order to be removed;

  • Harmonic profile of the load current;

  • kVA requirements of the load;

  • Harmonic factor of neutral current; and

  • System data and configuration (i.e., power factor, one-line diagram).

Additionally, Elgin will perform a detailed power quality study to assure that connection of the shunt passive harmonic filter will not cause a resonance condition on the power system, as harmonic resonance can result due to the magnification of certain harmonic frequencies.

Elgin Power Solutions supports customers with turnkey solutions which include harmonic studies, equipment design and manufacturing, field installation, and testing/commissioning, making Elgin a one-stop shop for harmonic mitigation. 

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