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Mobile Substations & Mobile Transformers

A mobile substation is a trailer-mounted substation including a transformer, pumps and coolers, high and low voltage protection, along with relaying, controls, metering, station service, arresters, busswork, and structural support steel.  Mobile substations are used primarily for the following applications: (1) emergency backup, (2) routine maintenance, (3) seasonal or temporary load support, and (4) capacity increases.

Elgin Power Solutions’ mobile substations are turnkey, self-contained units.  These units are designed and built in accordance with customer specifications and to meet state and federal highway requirements.  From concept to completion, our technical design team will gather customer requirements, then design a complete system matching the desired configuration, weight, and size.  While it is always our goal to reduce overall footprint, our design team prioritizes functionality, user-friendliness, and safety.

Elgin Power Solutions’ mobile substations are built and tested at our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in West Virginia.  In addition to overall substation assembly being performed at our plant, the transformer, trailer, and structural steel are all made in the USA.  Further, Elgin Power Solutions has an experienced and dedicated field service team to assist with training, startup, and any long-term maintenance requirements.


-      Sizes from 5kV - 161kV

-      Sizes up to 40 MVA

-      Option for load tap changers (“LTC”)

-      75Deg C, 95Deg C and 105Deg C temperature rise options 

-      Multiple voltages with series-parallel switches (dual and triple voltage combinations) 

-      High side fuse, circuit switcher, or circuit breaker protection

-      Low side station breaker or switchgear options

-      Option for multiple feeds

-      Optional cable reels or separate cable reel trailer

-      Onboard pre-wired relaying and controls

-      Onboard busswork and cabling pre-wired & tested

-      Structural support steel and custom cabinets are designed and fabricated at Elgin Power Solutions’ factory 

-      Steerable axle systems on trailers

        o   Remote controlled

        o   Option for tractor kingpin activated steering

        o   Options for advanced hydraulic leveling suspension and steering systems 

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