Unitized Substations

Elgin Power Solutions designs and builds and refurbishes unitized substations for utilities, oil and gas, solar and industrial customers across the United States from 480V-138kV. Our highly experienced team develops an optimized design resulting in minimum footprint and ease of on-site installation. Once an Elgin unitized substation arrives on site, virtually all electrical assembly is complete. Site civil works are able to be executed at the same time as electrical install at Elgin’s manufacturing plant. Unitized substations are an effective way to simplify a substation project by reducing site labor, reducing complexity of electrical installation and reduce risk of injury. Elgin has delivered over 100 unitized substation applications. Need help developing a mobile specification? Contact us!

Unitized Substation 6.5 MVA , 69.0 kV ∆ -  4.16 KV Y

Unitized Substation 34.5Δ-12.47Y/7.2kV, 3.75MVA

Unitized Substation 34.5Δ-12.47Y/7.2kV, 15MVA

Unitized Substation - Solar 12,470V-480V, 1 MVA

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