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Why Explosion Proof Lighting is Important
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Monday, June 25, 2018

Explosion proof lightning plays an important role in hazardous locations. With the help of EPL LED lights in confined hazardous spaces, the risks of explosion because of dangerous gases like propane and methane is significantly reduced. Explosion proof lightning is used in several sectors including oil refineries, chemical plants, food processing industries and mines.

In all industrial facilities, it is important to ensure the security and safety of workers. The workers can be protected from calamity in confined space, if they use lightning fixtures that are capable of avoiding catastrophic ruptures because of flammable materials. But, the benefits of EPL go beyond protection of workers. By understanding the many benefits of explosion proof lighting, we can realize why so many industries are relying on them.

Explosion Proof Lighting

The designation ‘explosion proof’ doesn’t mean that the lighting fixture will survive explosions or fires fully intact. What it means is that the light is designed in such a way that it can contain sparks that would otherwise cause fire or explosion in confined spaces.

The lightning fixture is encased in a thick frame with extremely robust lenses. The fixture creates a pathway between sparks and other sources of ignition like flammable dust, fibers or vapors that might exist in the environment where light fixture is installed. Thicker lenses and frames with complex pathways contribute to a more durable and stronger fixture.

Durable Lighting

Durability of explosion proof lighting is another reason why so many industries are using these lights for safe operations. Some lighting fixtures fail when they are jostled or bumped and require replacement frequently in facilities where forklifts or other machinery is used that can hit the lights. Even if such machinery is not used, a fragile fixture can fail if it’s bumped by workers in a confined space. Explosion proof lighting fixtures are built to be extremely strong and durable which means that they can easily withstand these interactions.

A major benefit of explosion proof LED lights over traditional lighting is that they are more energy efficient. An explosion proof LED light typically consumes 90 percent less energy that a normal fixture. The durability of these lights means that they’ll continue to work at their original level of illumination for about 50,000 hours. In some cases, they even last 100,000 hours despite of continuous use. Durability and better efficiency reduces maintenance and operating costs.


A specific classification system applies to all explosion proof lights that enable facility managers to choose the lighting according to objective criteria of confined spaces or hazardous locations. Those criteria make the manager’s job easier and the right lighting can be selected to eliminate any chances of error.

The leading manufacturers of explosion proof lighting, Elgin Power Solutions, offers lighting fixtures in different configurations and shapes that can fit almost every confined space. So, if you’re looking for explosion proof lighting, contact us any time and we’ll surely attend to your needs.


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