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Importance of Mobile Power Solutions
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Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Energy and power today have become one of the biggest necessities for modern humans because of the vast variety of processes that come to a halt without. Be it a commercial installation or residence, energy constitutes one of the most vital components. In the US alone, energy is the third largest industry with the use doubling every 20 years. Energy productivity in America has subsequently increased by around 11%.

With growing power needs, energy solutions are evolving too with more focus on the commercial sector. Business and manufacturing sectors are much more lucrative and require a much more diverse range of solutions than residential customers. One of the innovations in commercial power solutions are mobile power generation equipment that allows companies to execute operations in even the most remote places around the world.

Other benefits of these solutions include:

Instant power anywhere you go

Businesses are more importantly about being productive in terms of supply and generating profits. As a result, manufacturing and processing plants are sometimes required to be set up in remote places that allow easier and cheaper access to resources. These places might not have power connections and mobile power solutions can be life savers for such installations.

Availability of a vast variety of solutions

Mobile power solutions are available in a variety of different output ranges that can also be custom built to cater to businesses of different sizes and types depending on their requirements. The maximum power output capacity can go as far up as 50 MVA or more depending on individual business needs.

Time and cost efficiency

Mobile power stations are ready to be deployed in 12 to 24 hours making them ideal solutions for time saving business activities or even temporary installations that a business might have to put in place so that it can fulfill a certain objective in a specific amount of time.

Unhindered operations

Mobile power solutions vary in sizes from ones that can be mounted behind SUVs to those that need trailer rigs to be transported. This variety and diversity allows any type of business to perform any type of operation anywhere in the world, irrespective of any hurdles like lack of power infrastructure, etc. Even if a natural or man-made disaster knocks down an already developed power provision facility, mobile solutions can be deployed so that business operations are not affected.
Avoid losses while increasing productivity

Power outages due to any circumstances beyond human control are becoming extremely common as the effects of global warming intensify. An unscheduled power loss can deeply impact business productivity and employee morale causing a company to suffer losses at times. Mobile power solutions are viable options that allow businesses to stay in the game and sometimes even ahead of the competition at times when customer demands are high.

With unpredictable calamities and events lingering at every corner, businesses have to be on their toes by planning for the worst-case scenarios. Mobile power solutions ensure that businesses are not at the losing end when power crises threaten to take them south!


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