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Data Centers and Unitized Substations: 4 Benefits of Owning a Power Source
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Monday, February 18, 2019

After the industrial revolution, humans today are witnessing a digital revolution. With almost half of the world population having access to the internet and almost all major organizations and data collection platforms now digital, the importance of data centers is enormous. According to latest estimates there are more than half a million data centers throughout the world that consume insane amounts of energy every day.

It is an absolute necessity that these centers be supplied with unhindered power because they house the lifeblood of all global operations inside a few square meters of space. A power outage at a data center can effectively bring the departments it feeds to the ground in a matter of minutes, like a scene out of a ‘Die Hard’ movie. The importance of individual power supplies and unitized substations for data centers is quite high.

Here are some of the benefits of having unitized substations for data centers:

Uninterrupted power supply

AS we brushed upon earlier, data centers hold vast amounts of vital information and if they falter in supply, they can trigger the collapse of entire processes, e.g. the economy. This is a terrifying phenomenon to even imagine and be a part off.

Unitized substations are completely personalized power hubs that can be designed with the individual requirements of separate data centers in mind. This allows optimal power without interruptions at all times.

Reliability and peace of mind

Having already discussed the extent of damage that a power outage at a data center can cause, it is no surprise that an event like this comes with numerous other problems and inconveniences.

A unitized substation provides a power source to the center that makes sure that everyone who is connected and relies on a continuous feed from the data center can rest assured that their operations will not be hindered.

Opportunity to provide customer guarantees

This peace of mind means that the customer can be provided with firm word of guarantee that their operations and processes will not come under fire as a result of a power outage at the respective data center. This means a great deal to the people associated with the data center.

This is because assuming that their primary client is the central stock exchange or any other government department, a power outage at the source of their data supply can cause billions of dollars worth of damages within a few minutes.

Resource management

Unitized substations offer customers the freedom to add components that cater to their needs perfectly, nothing more nothing less. This allows an optimal allocation of resources that allows savings in other areas, savings that can be utilized in other fields to improve other respective functions. This can mean a great deal in terms of improved productivity and efficiency of the data center.

Unitized substations and other power solutions rid the data center management and the clients associated with them of the worries of losses as a result of power outages and in a world where things change within the blink of an eye, this can make a huge difference.


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