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Elgin Power Solutions manufactures both dry and oil filled reactors up to 5000 KVA. We have the ability to custom design these units to fit a customer’s needs. Typically these support our mining and tunneling applications. Typical mining applications call for 12470 or 7200 volt input with 995, 480 or 240 volt outputs.

We also manufacture air core  & iron core reactors to support our Gilbert product line. We can manufacture units up to 35 KV. We also have a line of epoxy cast current limiting reactors 160A, 40 uh commonly referred to as “pancake reactors”.
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Oil Filled Shunt Reactor
      Iron Core Reactor
Oil Filled Shunt Reactor       Iron Core Reactor

Neutral Grounding Reactor
       Air Core Reactor
Air Core Reactor

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Neutral Grounding Reactor



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