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Mobile Substation - Outages

Product Newsletter - September 25, 2017

Mobile Substation - OutagesMobile Substation - Outages
Whether it is a planned outage, routine line maintenance or a quick response to an emergency outage, utilities increasingly recognize that the backbone of today’s mobile fleet is a modern, flexible unit. At Elgin Power Solutions(EPS) we can provide you with a wide variety of mobile options to keep the power on.

Modern utilities know that they must be ready for everything mother nature can throw at them such as floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, or winter storms.Whether it’s a mobile circuit switcher or a mobile substation, having the right mobile unit ready to dispatch at a moment’s notice is the key to keeping your customer’s power on. Need to run medium voltage cables fast? Buy our mobile cable reel trailers with on-board electrically-powered cable reels that take the work out of quick cable deployment. EPS can supply the variety of units you need to keep the power on.

EPS prides itself on having a wide variety of mobile units designed to meet your power outage needs. If it is a planned maintenance outage, we can supply you with mobile circuit switchers and mobile breakers to keep those lines hot. When flooding or sudden storms cause your substation to go down, our mobile transformers can accommodate a wide variety of primary and secondary voltages to get your substations back up and running fast.Keep your customers happy and have a variety of mobile units on hand. Call EPS or your local sales representative!
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