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Product Newsletter - August 31, 2017

Whether it is a planned outage, routine line maintenance or a quick response to an emergency outage, utilities increasingly recognize that having a versatile mobile fleet is essential in maintaining the integrity of the grid. At the heart of the mobile fleet is the mobile substation.

At Elgin, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of mobile substations to give your fleet maximum flexibility.
  1. We offer single or multiple trailer lineups to accommodate a wider variety of physical substation layouts.

  2. Multiple primary voltage taps up to 230 kV allow one mobile substation to cover a wider range of system voltages.

  3. Optional primary DETC or secondary LTC provide quick response to varying loads.

  4. Lightweight design allows up to 55 MVA maximum transformer size on one trailer. Elgin understands the intricate details of maximizing use of space.

  5. Typical secondary voltages are 34.5 kV, 26.4 kV, 24.9 kV, 14.4 kV, 13.8 kV, 13.2 kV, 12.47 kV, 7.2 kV, and 4.16 kV.

  6. Our units are designed for rapid deployment and quick onsite setup for shorter outages. Live front or dead front secondary available.

  7. Rugged, heavy duty DOT compliant Nelson Trailers allow for decades of dependable service.

        Mobile Substations

  1. Primary options include arresters, disconnects, primary breakers or circuit switchers.

  2. Secondary arresters or breakers are also available and onboard station service transformers can be provided as well.

  3. Modern SCADA compatible protection and control allow for continual monitoring of mobile status.

  4. Five year comprehensive warranty standard.

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