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Mobile Circuit Switchers

Product Newsletter - June 26, 2017

Mobile Circuit Switchers

Elgin Power Solutions is proud to provide Mobile Circuit Switchers to utilities for planned and emergency outages.

These units are available up to 230 KV and meet all applicable “DOT” standards for over the road transport without special permitting.

They are available with a wide variety of options.
  • Custom “racking” mechanisms to achieve appropriate phase spacing while in-service
  • Custom Incoming and outgoing Termination pads.
  • Cable strain relief points available.
  • Custom designed single or double drop 5th wheel style flatbed trailers available
  • Dual axle “Pintle” hitch style trailers with 4 point jacking are also available for quick “Line Truck” transport
  • Optional Substation class Arresters available
  • Control cabinets with custom designed AC or DC protective relaying and remote control

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        Mobile Circuit Switchers

Mobile Circuit Switchers



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