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Mobile Cable Reel Trailers

Product Newsletter - May 31, 2017

Mobile Cable Reel Trailers

Today’s utilities must be able to respond quickly to unplanned outages. The ability to support the electrical needs of the grid, by providing quick connections to mobile transformers and/or breakers in a timely manner, is important not to just consumers, but also to potential emergency crews. Elgin understands the growing needs of utilities and has developed a set of specialized products in form of custom-designed cable reel trailers.

Though there are a variety of options, the above photos depict one of Elgin’s most recent mobile cable reel systems. As illustrated, this unit provides three cable reels per phase. Each cable reel supports 126 feet of 15Kv, 500MCM, shielded cable. The reels are electrically operated by 2HP, 240V, 3 phase motors coupled to 100:1 reducers. Controls are connected to an independent 24 VDC power supply that is tapped from one phase of the 240VAC. These controls are referenced grounded for 120 VAC.

The cable reels are securely mounted on galvanized steel sub-structure. The sub-structure is then fully welded to a dual-axel, pintle-hitch trailer with four-point jacking system.

Elgin can design a custom cable reel system for your specific application. Please contact us for more information.
        Mobile Cable Reel Trailers

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