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Harmonic Filter Banks

Elgin Power Solutions has been analyzing, engineering, designing and manufacturing harmonic filter assemblies since 1983. We have been well aware of the need in this field to provide solutions to power factor and harmonic problems. We address these problems with a well staffed engineering and study group. We will analyze our customers’ needs and provide a well engineered system that will satisfy these needs with a package of the highest quality that is unsurpassed in the market.       Gilbert Electrical Systems

High-Pass Harmonic Filter Bank
      Three-Step Harmonic Filter Bank
High-Pass Harmonic Filter Bank       Three-Step Harmonic Filter Bank

Harmonic Filter Bank
Harmonic Filter Bank

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  • Typical applications range from 480v through 35 KV
  • Harmonics can cause the following:
    • Abnormal Heating of Equipment
    • Transformer overheating. Transformer failure or life reduction.
    • Excessive capacitor fuse failures. Capacitor problems.
    • Equipment operation problems or damage.
    • Interference to communications.
    • Excessive voltage distortion. Possible relay and metering problems.
  • Harmonic filters can typically be designed to reduce harmonics by detuning the system to reduce harmonic amplification.
  • Properly sized harmonic filters will also usually change the power factor to somewhere in the range of .95 to .99 as well for substantial power bill savings.
  • We manufacture our own iron core or air core reactors custom tuned to the customer’s specific needs.


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