Mobile Substations

Elgin Power Solutions designs and builds and refurbishes mobile substations for utilities across the United States up to and including 230kV. Our highly experienced team develops the most optimized design for maximum maneuverability, minimum gooseneck flex and DOT compliance based on customer specification. Elgin has delivered numerous mobile substations from single-trailer to multi-trailer applications. Our mobile substations come standard with a comprehensive 5-year warranty. Need help developing a mobile specification? Contact us!

Mobile Substation

Mobile Breaker

Mobile Substation with Multiple Trailer Lineup

138.0kV -12470/7200V, 15/20/22.4MVA

Mobile Capacitor Bank

  • Deployment capability 12 to 24 hour
    • Planned maintenance
    • Temporary increases in substation capacity
    • Forced outage repairs
    • Weather and other natural outages
  • Rapid restoration of electrical service
  • Typical sizes up to 50 MVA , 138 KV
  • Pocket style primary bushings for quick setup
  • Single or multiple trailer designs

Mobile Transformer & Switchgear

Mobile Reactors


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