Metal Enclosed Capacitor Bank

Some of the benefits a system derives when adding capacitors are:

  • Improved power factor of the system which saves money on your power bill.
  • Reduces the lagging component of the circuit current which reduces the overall current in the system.
  • Reduces I²R power losses in the system because of reduction in the circuit current.
  • Reduces I²X kilovar loss in the system because of current reduction.
  • Voltage regulation is improved when the capacitors are properly switched. Increases voltage level at the load.
  • Decreases KVA loading which relieves overloaded conditions and releases capacity for additional load growth.
  • Reduces demand KVA loading where power is purchased.
  • Reduces investment in the system facilities per kilowatt of load supplied.

Metal Enclosed Capacitor Bank in Substation

Medium Voltage Capacitor Bank

Two-Step Enclosed Capacitor Bank

Single-Step Enclosed Capacitor Bank


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