Lighting and Camera Products

Elgin Power Solutions manufactures a complete line of explosion proof (X/P) headlights, area lighting , switches, alarms and cameras for use in underground mining in hazardous areas. We also manufacture a lighting and camera line for industrial and hard rock use to withstand a rugged environment.


We offer cameras for off road haulage trucks where visual aid is needed in blind spots. We also offer camera monitoring for coal prep plants, beltlines and conveyor belts, material handling, and crushers / bunkers.


We have a full time design and sales manager who works to meet the special needs of our customers in areas where standard, off the shelf products will not work.

Explosion Proof Head Lights

A full line of underground aluminum or brass XP Head Lights with/ with-out heavy duty grading.

Model: MSHA Certified 31687 Head Light Model: ATEX Certified 31678-AT Head Light.

Model: MSHA Certified 35125 Head/Tail Light Model: ATEX Certified 35125-AT Head/Tail Light

Explosion Proof Area Lights

A full line of underground aluminum or brass XP Area Lights with heavy duty grading. MSHA Certified for underground coal mining.

Model: LP2 Dual 26 w PLT-4 Fluorescent Fixture

Enclosed within a machined aluminum body, Elgin has developed one of the industry’s most versatile, durable, high-intensity, multi-array explosion proof, hazardous area LED lights.  Designed and manufactured in the United States, Elgin’s Model 36760-1 Low Voltage Explosion Proof LED Light has been independently certified to meet the explosion proof standards of OSHA, CSA, ANSI, UL, ATEX, and ISA.  Not only does Elgin’s new hazardous area lighting solutions outshine comparable lights with more than 2,600 of lumens output, but they consume just 41 watts of power.  In addition, Elgin’s LED lighting solutions can be installed without any restrictions for mounting location or direction.

Explosion Proof Camera Systems

A full line of Cameras and Monitors for varied underground applications.

Model: MSHA Certified 34290 Camera

Model: ATEX Certified 31678-AT1 Camera

Model: MSHA Certified 34270 VFA45XP Camera

Model: MSHA Certified 34551 Monitor

Single 7” Color LCD  or Dual 4” Color LCD


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