Elgin Power Solutions draws on many years of experience in application engineering knowledge to design and manufacture custom and competitively priced packages. Utilizing in-housing engineering capabilities, Gilbert Electrical Systems assembles high quality packages with many innovative features, completely satisfying the service requirements, whether for a small metal enclosed assembly or a total package. We work closely with several major manufacturers and suppliers in order to obtain the best value for the customer.


Elgin Power Solutions provides services and specialized equipment to domestic and international markets through a network of representatives serving industries, utilities, municipalities, REA’s and government including the armed forces.

Elgin Power Solutions Products

Unitized Substations

Mobile Substations

Metal Enclosed Capacitor Banks


Harmonic Filter Banks

Control Enclosures

Junction Cabinets

metering Cabinets

Turnkey Substations

Explosion Proof Lighting

Explosion Proof Head Lights

Explosion Proof Cameras

Today, Elgin Solutions is made of three specialized divisions; Elgin Separation Solutions (Liquid Separation), Elgin Separation Solutions (Solid Separations) and Elgin Power Solutions. The brand names represented within Elgin Solutions include CMI, Cook Legacy, Gilbert Electrical Systems, Tabor Machine Company, Mining Controls Inc., Norris Screens, KEMTRON Technologies, CSI and Clinch River; all widely recognized for their quality products, low maintenance and cost-effectiveness solutions providers.

Email: info@gilbertelectricalsystems.com

Phone: +1-630-479-9305

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Elgin Power Solutions

Elgin Equipment Group companies manufacture equipment for a wide range of industry's. Select your category below for a more detailed equipment listing from Elgin Separation Solutions (solids separation), Elgin Power Solutions, and Elgin Separation Solutions (liquid / solid separation).

Tabor Horizontal Screens

Horizontal Vibratory Centrifuges

Profile Wire & Polyurethane Screens




Mobile Breakers

Shunt Reactors

Turnkey Substations

Rotary Breakers

ESS-1967HD2 XP Polisher

Unified Substations



Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

Containerized Chemical Injection Systems

Shale Shakers

Decanter Centrifuges


Decanter Centrifuges

Mud Cleaners


Hydrocyclone Manifolds

Vacuum Degassers


Vertical Cuttings Dryers

Reverse Incline Screens


Containerized Dewatering Systems


Drying Shakers

Horizontal Screen


Polymer Injection Systems

Multi-Slope Screens

Modular Polyurethane Panels

Impact Beds

HSC Horizontal Scroll

Moon Sliders

Shaker Screens

Vertical Screen Scroll

Coanda Screens

Chute work

Teetered Bed Separator

Vertical Cuttings Dryer Screens

Belt Conveyors

Vertical Centrifuge

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Elgin Equipment Group